Two cattle market trading fans to buy catch daily return 7% pork face

Two cattle market trading to buy daily return fans caught 7% Phoenix Financial News in October 28th, the stock index fell 0.26%, to close at 3104, turnover of 212 billion 600 million yuan of 5 day moving average loss, 3100 heavy pressure benefits. From the disk point of view, the new shares are still popular on the market tuyere, banks, brokerage stocks are used by the performance, but the current market is still weak, continue to maintain the stock of capital game pattern. Contest master libingxing1982 today opened at 9:30 to buy General shares, the transaction price of 18.31. Quickly pulled the stock in early trading today, 7 minutes after the sealing up, although the session opened, but smoothly and quickly back seal, if the fans to buy 7% day income. GM shares a few days ago has just opened the stock, the company’s main all steel radial tire, bias tire R & D, production and sales. The recent market to maintain a weak pattern, the preference of the new shares by the presence of funds, the stock today became the new shares in the plate is very strong stocks. At the same time, the "libingxing1982" 10:11 today buy Ding letter communication, the transaction price of 48.13, the stock rose concussion, intraday sealed limit, closing slightly down, closed up 8.51%, if the fans to buy can be successfully harvested 3% of the daily returns, in addition, players today only the surplus income for the return of 6% Home Furnishing and John Hancock 5% international equipment.     "libingxing1982" message contest master "lqxwcg" 10 point 03 points in early trading today, the Bank of Wuxi to buy, the price is 13.03, the stock pulled straight morning, 9:50 sealed limit, if available, buy fans with income 1%. The Bank of Wuxi recently listed bank shares, the company’s main business of Mobile Corporation, individual business and fund business today, the banking sector shares collective transaction, stock homeopathic sealed limit. At the same time, the "lqxwcg" buying today another new times Chuanhuan technology, pulled up the stock volume today late fall, R & D, hose products production and sales company, the company’s main car, if the fans to buy daily income of 1%, in addition, "lqxwcg" to hold network software T operation, earnings up to 4%.     "lqxwcg" SMS tips: if there is no subscription to subscribe to the success of SMS notification, please contact the customer service: 3470566465. At the same time, please do not reply to system messages, or it will cause the system to automatically unsubscribe. I have recently received feedback from users of SMS, which is why most of the background data show the user mobile phone terminal, recommend regular shutdown restart your mobile phone, mobile phone and SMS regularly clean up the memory space, and do not download mobile phone software with interception function. Welcome to contact customer service at any time.相关的主题文章: