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Wang Naigui: today’s gold and silver after the first empty Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Market review yesterday the Fed has put a big move, find a few officials are said to speak — Renard, or Yellen’s cronies to foreign speech, but also popular market concerns, the statement stressed easing is wise, implication is to support the weak dollar, significantly dovish. This is in stark contrast to other officials recently hawkish remarks, the market interpreted as a further reduction this month is expected to raise interest rates, the United States that ultimately lower daily, small line ending. The price of gold to $1320 after withdrawing the dip, days running on 1320—-1330, the daily closing a cross star; the price of silver from near 18.7 days back, running on 18.7—-19.1, the daily closing price of crude oil synchronous Cross stars; trading in the range of 44.7—-46.4 days, to stabilize the positive. The date of the transaction data, focusing on the Bank of England governor Delaki speech. Today the weekly analysis down, the price of gold yesterday to 1320 low inertia breaking support stabilized and pumpback daily, relatively higher, this pattern is still in the stage of high wide finishing concussion, each wave pulled up or down can be short or long time to repair, is a major feature of the broad trend of finishing. And yesterday’s closing form, still do not rule out a transitional scam, despite the fact that the final signal "up, but in the weak pace is still facing downward and break the low risk. To determine whether it really belongs to the key category, not clear under the premise of the daily, only with the time to build the short form of graph analysis, in addition to gold at 4 hours on the bottom of the bottom outside Yang actually at the bottom of the building is not obvious, silver intraday in the bottom 18.7 dollars back after the fact there is a two hour chart the bottom of the building, in most cases there will be a $0.5 space, which in my opinion, short-term or are likely to test 19.4 (4160) —-19.5 (4180) near may, as a result, then the price of gold synchronization it is possible to re test the expected 1335—-1340. So today, the operation is recommended to maintain the overall number of empty ideas after the first, more than 1323 of the low gold support, resistance concerns 1335—-1340 area. Silver support 19 (4080) pass near the top of the resistance to focus on high altitude near the 19.5 (4180). Crude oil, a rebound high retracement day after yesterday again stabilized positive support, fell to lows near since 39.2 near the shock rebound, short-term is still effective, and the overall pattern is — the price runs on the weekly level of comprehensive operation under construction, personal advice is much lower, support near 45.3, strong support for 44.5 near. Investment recommendations in summary, today’s gold and silver suggested more than the first empty based on gold 1323 low, high altitude resistance near the focus of the attention of the silver and the 19 on the 1340相关的主题文章: