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WeChat small program who moved the cake, and the cake to whom? – Sohu technology, we think that a good product is supposed to run out of the.." Zhang Xiaolong asked. "Consent." Someone to respond. "What you say is not serious." Zhang Xiaolong said. This is the beginning of the year occurred in the WeChat open class scene. Subsequently, Zhang Xiaolong explained, in fact, all the products are tools, a good tool is to be able to achieve the highest efficiency of the user’s purpose, and then leave as soon as possible." Therefore, his lyrics to the effect that time is quality, stickiness is the result, not critical criteria, the nature of the problem is efficiency. Also in the open class, Zhang Xiaolong revealed that WeChat is pondering a new thing – Application number. Not surprisingly, half a year later, when the "application" launched a beta version, maxed out Internet practitioners of the circle of friends. Why WeChat? The first article: "WeChat – Shuabing application, to the" — from hearsay, was the top of the highest comment: "the amount of reading real attention to this article, spread fast scary, WeChat a little action on the Internet people, is the State Council promulgated a new policy! Another wave has come, we are ready to board!" In these circumstances, people can not help but ask, why is WeChat? The cheapest answer is nothing more than: WeChat’s user base is large, the user’s stay on WeChat for a long time. Compared to other platforms, egret era CEO (search for "Chen Shuyi told Lei Feng Lei Feng net public attention):" as a matter of fact, UC, Baidu, QQ browsers have pushed the so-called "light application", but there are two WeChat and they are not the same. First, they guide or to user search habits, the continuation of the mobile terminal using PC terminal experience, and WeChat small program, it is a cross between the web and native apps, "much better than experience, infinitely close to native applications. Second, WeChat is a very high frequency of user use, but also very trusted applications. The use of WeChat, the user must be authorized to take pictures, address book, location, spiral induction, etc.. If other applications, users may not open these permissions." Above, WeChat is the return of public opinion. Who’s the cake? After WeChat launched the beta version of small programs, well-known programmer Huo Ju said, "WeChat put their entire like App Store, have apple audit, how to think? Really diandaqike, big bully shop." But obviously, in this regard, WeChat and apple have had communication. Six months ago, the application number into today’s small program is the product of the two games. The evidence is that Ma Huateng wrote in the circle of friends of Zhang Xiaolong – Apple does not let us call the application number, perhaps a good thing." Another view is that sooner or later, apple and Tencent will fight. In Chen Shuyi’s view, WeChat is indeed above the hardware to build their own ecosystem. It will take into account Apple’s policy, or do some benefit.相关的主题文章: