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What is the difference between the city and Gerui? Auto – Sohu @ no trace: new questions of ballistic Gerui and what is the difference between it and what ah? The difference between new and Gerui well, different manufacturers, different shapes, you may have to go to different 4S shop to buy a car, in fact the difference itself is quite limited, because this is a typical twin, inside the mechanical structure of 99.9%, just to give you two shape choice. As for which one is better, it depends on your love which one designs, personal feel fit after all is natural, is still relatively good. On the other hand is to look at the preferential rate of specific models, and of course, a lot of preferential benefits. But there is one point, Che Zhejun thought that jazz is a slightly better some, that is Gerui is only the lowest with a manual transmission models, and the fit line 7 has 4 car models with low manual, can choose manual, for the love of the manual gear models of the people is a good news after all, today is more and more manufacturers to do the manual only with the lowest can enjoy, is driving a manual only with buy low, this is not entirely nonsense. We only focus on the production of the original car content, want to become more aware of the car, you can subscribe to our WeChat public number: ID:cartracks. Has gathered hundreds of thousands of fans, waiting for you!相关的主题文章: