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Whether you should buy a Beijing haze Zaixi with air purifying car? Sohu – car car [produced] no secret of a new round of haze weather again swept the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, yesterday 18 when the Central Meteorological Observatory issued orange signal warning, haze weather is expected to continue until 5 noon at the end of this month, local southern Beijing, Western Tianjin, central Hebei and other places have severe haze. Indeed, the terrible fog haze weather, the whole city was shrouded in a haze of darkness, but life must continue, we have long been accustomed to the presence of haze, a lot of workers helpless driving in the fog and haze, traffic congestion is not only more people stay inside the car, the haze environment time than usual for a long time, the greater the damage to the body, so what method can let us less suck haze? With the development of automobile technology and supporting functions, many in the sale of household car has appeared in the advanced technology of photocatalyst technology, negative oxygen ion generator, IAQS car automatic control air purification system, automobile air quality system, greatly improving the quality of the air inside the car, early application only in the high-end models, but with the continuous the progress of technology, now in many of the main household car also begins with. Today we have to comment on technology can take us away from the haze of the mainstream of domestic car air purification: "love life, to enjoy" is the evaluation for the French people, the pursuit of beauty, pay attention to the details of the same spirit in France in the automobile industry reflected, for example: Citroen’s many models, including C4L C6, C5, etc., are equipped with dual zone automatic air conditioning air purifying system with negative ion generator and a AQS car, even Citroen C6 equipped with four air conditioning, automatic switching and circulation, and technical structure of Volvo IAQS system, similar to the effect. The so-called "AQS air quality control system" is the use of the front part of the installation of the air quality sensor, in the process of moving vehicles in real-time monitoring of air quality. When the vehicle is traveling to the pollution relatively concentrated areas, such as traffic jam, enter the tunnel etc., AQS system will automatically shut off the valve in the air conditioning system, the circulatory system consists of an outer circulation into the internal circulation, to avoid polluting the air sucked into the car, at the same time, when the outside air is fresh, and the system can automatically open the intake valve in the fresh air, increasing the oxygen content in the car. Like C6, C4L, C5 and other Citroen with models also have the function of purifying negative ion purifying and what is it? In short, this process, the real reduction of the nature of the original "sterilization" process. First, in the smog weather, through active monitoring of pollution in the air quality sensor head, automatic closing valve in air conditioning system, the circulatory system consists of an outer circulation into the internal circulation, from outside harmful gases; two, open the CLEAN file, can produce a large number of positive and negative ions and water molecules, they will take the initiative joint, collision of harmful substances and odor active radicals, resulting in the air into the car when it has been effectively purification; three, when open the ION file, the release of a large number of negative ions, with its strong adsorption and oxidation, can kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms..相关的主题文章: