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The same car with different life: Ford coupe Chinese America sold well but not sell the car with different life China the best selling car in its home market but not sell in China, Ford promotion for its high performance models will succeed. As a symbol of the United States automobile manufacturers, Mustang with excellent sales performance this year, the Chinese market has become the highest selling sports car. The latest statistics show that the company Mustang, the first 9 months of this year sales in China reached 2300, grow 38% compared to the same period last year. However, the success of Mustang in China is in contrast with the situation in the local market. U.S. Autodata Corp data show that Ford Mustang popularity among local consumers is declining. Although Mustang’s global sales are rising, but in the first 9 months of this year, the model in the U.S. market sales fell by 9.3% over the same period last year, to 87258. Last month, Mustang sales in the U.S. fell even more 32%, Chevrolet Ke Mailuo also take in the monthly sales surpassed the former – this is the first time in two years. Weak sales situation and even make Ford in the last week to make a decision to stop the production of Rock Flat Mustang week. The factory is located in Michigan, Detroit, south of the United States, covering 400 hectares, with a total of 3702 employees, in the past nearly 30 years of long-term engaged in the production of Mustang and Lincoln Continental models. Lincoln Continental production is not affected by this Mustang discontinued. Ford CEO Mark said the U.S. auto · fields, the market entered a stable period and the terminal sales weakness is an important cause of the situation. Ford since 2015 to the global market Mustang models, and specifically for the production of RHD vehicles. In fact, the model is popular in other markets outside the United states. Last year, Ford sold more than 100 thousand Mustang in the world’s 140 markets. In Europe, the model has sold more than the German made Porsche 911. In the world’s largest auto market – China, Mustang’s sales have even formed a phenomenon and attracted the attention of overseas media. Lydia, a reporter for the international business times, ·, said in a report that he was not aware of the confusion in the report of the. Although born in 1964 and since the beginning of the mass production of Mustang has so far more than 50 years of history, but the model officially entered the Chinese market and even less than two years." She wrote, "Mustang in the local growth situation and why the United States to form such a huge difference?" January 2015, Ford Mustang to import the identity of the car was included in Ford’s sales channels in china. Since then, this American muscle car in the local market to maintain a good growth trend. The higher visibility is the rapid Mustang theory相关的主题文章: