Xi’an electric motorized illegal operation into a problem of how to break the vicious circle (video) jslottery

Xi’an "electric motorized" illegal operation into a problem of how to break the vicious circle with a modified tricycle Road store, an electric tricycle is equipped with carport. Xi’an three Bay Bay bus station, a large number of electric friction gathered for illegal passenger. Electric bicycle, tricycle (hereinafter referred to as the electric motor) illegal passenger operations has become a major problem of city traffic management, the usual traffic violations affecting public safety travel not only, but also exacerbated the city road traffic congestion. For the outstanding problems to solve the current round of two city governance illegal passenger "black car", from October 14, 2016 to January 23, 2017, the Xi’an police launched the "hundred days campaign" in the city, from the two round of illegal passenger "black car" into the walls, full containment walls outside the scope of the city’s main roads carrying two illegal three "black car" traffic violations. Remediation under high pressure, the phenomenon of illegal operation of Xi’an electric friction has been checked, the reporter launched an investigation. Hundred days action under high pressure, electric friction is still rampant in recent days, Xi’an police focus on doing this thing – to punish the illegal operation of electric friction. According to media reports, as of now, Xi’an traffic police detachment vehicle total seized 835 motorcycles, tricycles 837 motorcycles, detained 119 people. So under high pressure, according to the rules of the illegal operation of the electric motor should have convergence, but the reporter visited several days found that despite the great efforts to investigate, but passenger friction and electric tricycle has not disappeared, except within the walls of southeast northwest four avenue to the electric motor trace, in Xi’an, the downtown section of the subway station, bus the site, there are still a large number of electric motorcycle drivers gathered in the street illegally carrying passengers. Xi’an city government three Bay passenger station has always been a gathering of illegal passenger electric motorcycle, there are a large number of passengers need to distance passenger station about one kilometer of the train station to change every day, this section of the road is one of Xi’an illegal passenger electric motor through the most frequent road. October 23rd at 3 pm, the reporter saw the door in the three House Bay passenger station, gathered here more than and 10 electric Morang surrounding traffic order is out of order, the vehicle difficult passenger bus and past the gate entry station. A lot of passengers from the station out of the electric motor to go on a good price, do not hesitate to sit for electric motor train station. The road along the bus station, subway line 2, Anyuan International Exhibition Center Station Gate station, outside of the original station, around the Hamlet overpass north of the city of Xi’an passenger station…… Even the day, the reporter visited the Xi’an some busy road, subway station, bus station and found that there are still many electric motorcycle drivers gathered in the street illegal passenger, seems to be "hundred days campaign" did not affect them. The source control, rectification electric motorcycle illegal operation of the electric motor into a vicious spiral in recent years has always been a difficult problem in Xi’an city traffic management, the main reason is that it has gone beyond the category of traffic violations, "rub", from the sales of electric tricycle, modification, operation has become a stubborn interests of the chain. In recent years, the traffic control department of Xi’an rectification action repeatedly at the end of the governance and the source of poor settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, a great relationship. Reporter survey found that the investment and production of speaking, health相关的主题文章: