Xiongben, Japan 5.2 earthquake will not trigger a tsunami nuclear power plants without except puritans pride

Xiongben: Japan 5.2 earthquake triggered a tsunami will not   nuclear power plant technology — without exception — people.com.cn original title: Japan’s 5.2 Xiongben earthquake: no tsunami nuclear abnormal data figure: April 2016 japan earthquake in Xiongben to be located in the area of Mashiki caused heavy damage. China News Agency reporter Wang Jian photo Beijing, August 31, according to Japanese media reports, local time on August 31st night, western Japan Xiongben County of Xiongben city and the county city Yu observed seismic intensity 5 weak earthquake (Japan). Japan Meteorological Agency said the source for the Xiongben Prefecture of Xiongben, focal depth of about 13 km, the magnitude of the magnitude of the correction was estimated to be on the Richter scale of 5.2. The earthquake will not trigger a tsunami. According to the Xiongben county government and other news, there is no information received by the injured, but there are also residents of the initiative to the citizens of the museum and other places of refuge. This is the Xiongben county since June 12th, once again observed the shock of 5 degrees above the shock. Kyushu Electric Power Company said that the Kagoshima county is located in satsumasendai city of Sendai nuclear power plant No. 1, No. 2 unit and an outage state of Saga County Genkai CHO Genkai nuclear power plant does not appear abnormal due to earthquake. Shikoku Electric Power Co of Ikata Ehime Prefecture, the nuclear power station, including 3 units in operation, no abnormal. Xiongben airport and the historic city of Xiongben also found no damage due to the earthquake. (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章: