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Yongcheng next week cold air strikes the sky blockbuster will be staged by Ningbo city weather weather yesterday, a district of Ningbo, a child holding two racket play today sunny to cloudy     11 to 25 degrees centigrade tomorrow cloudy     12 and 24 DEG C to Ningbo air quality level: good II, the first weekend, the primary pollutant ozone in November, God would continue to fine, especially, the maximum temperature will rise to 24 to 25 DEG C. But the good weather is less than the balance of cold air next Monday to knock, and coastal wind cooling precipitation. This weekend, we hurry up High. Come to talk about the typhoon, in November 3rd 8, the twenty-third typhoon this year, "Mireille" generated in the Pacific Northwest ocean. The Central Meteorological Station forecast, "Mireille" will be the speed of 10 kilometers per hour to the northeast direction, the intensity gradually increased, the future of China Sea has no effect. Good weather is obviously less than the balance next week since the cold air spoiler into November, the weather suddenly changed the channel, from the previous model into a cloudy and drizzly sunny to cloudy, we have felt the "sunshine king" full of sincerity. Affected by radiation cooling, the two day of the Ningbo morning temperature is relatively low, a time to refresh the lowest temperature since the autumn. Yesterday, the minimum temperature in the urban area is 8.8 degrees, but when the sun emerges, warming up quickly, the maximum temperature reached 22.1 degrees C. It seems that there are several weekends, accompanied by rain, the first weekend of November, there is a big surprise. Sunny to cloudy weather, the highest temperature at noon will rise to 24 to 25 DEG C or so, will let you relive the long summer. Buddies, such good weather, but don’t depend on the bed, don’t walk out some really live up to. Autumn in Ningbo, everywhere is scenery. Recently, the lake Linbie ginkgo have a fall. In late autumn, Ginkgo biloba leaves gradually changed from green to yellow, the autumn wind blowing, ginkgo leaves flying in the wind, just one shot is a good wallpaper. Suitable for weekend wash bask in, because of the good weather was insufficient. Starting next Monday, the cold air will knock, cooling and precipitation, and the coastal sea level as well as strong winds, temperatures will fall down. From the current weather forecast, in November 8th, the maximum temperature of only 14 degrees, are close to the lowest temperature tomorrow. Next Monday will be winter, Ningbo old to drink a bowl of sweet soup is the twenty-four solar term in November 7th China "Dong", this day is the beginning of winter folk identification. Weather experts said, after the beginning of winter, cold air activities become more frequent, every time the arrival of cold air will bring significant cooling, wind, and rain and snow, and then clears, and gradually warming rebound, the formation of "three days, four days of cold warm cold warm alternate weather. According to the old tradition, the old people in Ningbo will Lidong this day to drink a bowl of fragrant and soft sweet soup, is made of glutinous rice flour wrapped into a small box of small Glutinous Rice Balls and sweet potato cooked together. Haishu Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine相关的主题文章: