Youku $8 million to buy Korean version of startling step by step has reached 13 of the cost of produ mkdv-02

Youku $8 million to buy Korean version of "startling step by step has reached 13 of the cost of making" each reporter Li Feifei intern reporter Du Yu; Youku playback volume over 400 million, micro-blog on number 146 thousand, by one of the three biggest entertainment company in Korea – Mango Entertainment Limited company YG entertainment company, Hunan radio and television (hereinafter referred to as the mango and Universal Pictures Entertainment) the Korean version of "investment shooting" released a startling step by step, since the heat continues to heat up. South Korea to buy the copyright Chinese remake drama was not new, especially the Korean version of "" the startling step by step and synchronous broadcast mode network station linkage, Youku ho throw $8 million up broadcast rights also hit Korean copyright purchase price of the most. Behind the high price of broadcast rights, the Korean version of "" startling step by step although heat rising, but the reputation is less than expected, watercress score only 6.2 points. At the same time, according to Taotao Amoy movie statistics, last week South Korea ratings fell from 7% to 5.4%, was ranked at the bottom of the ratings. It is worth mentioning that, through this drama, the "daily economic news" reporter noted that the Korean unique profit model, different from the domestic market to China remake of Korean, Korean "startling step by step" is to prove safety China overseas market. Whether it is from the composition of the investment or synchronized broadcast mode, the play a faction to buy your copyright also want to earn your money attitude. According to reporter estimates, the single gifted out of $8 million, it has reached the drama production cost of 1/3. The $8 million repurchase remake original "startling step by step" adapted from the same name Donghwasa novel, in 2011 by the Shanghai Chinese film production Ltd., with an average of 1.72% ratings of the same year won the TV ratings king. It is worth noting that, after the play in South Korea’s cable television broadcast also triggered a boom. The show, one of the three most popular Korean dramas in South Korea, has been ranked by Naver, South Korea’s biggest search site. In June 2015, South Korea SBS TV to buy a "startling step by step the right of adaptation and announced" will be launched in 2016. It is worth mentioning that, can be described as "Korean" startling step by step investment luxury lineup. The "daily economic news" reporter found out, in addition to one of three big Korean entertainment company YG entertainment, mango entertainment and universal pictures also appear in the investment volume in the square, of which the United States is the first universal investment drama works in asia. High heat IP works, Star Investment blessing, "Korean" startling step by step before the launch will be very hot. According to South Korea, "Asian daily" reported that the play to $400 thousand per set ($8 million) more than the price will be sold to Youku video broadcast rights, breaking the $250 thousand purchase of Iqiyi set "the sun descended" to keep the record of record of the purchase price of the Korean copyright. High price to buy the copyright naturally attracted the industry whether it is cost-effective questioned. But people familiar with a video site responsible for copyright bluntly "not high" in an interview with reporters, "the phenomenon of drama is the video site competition products, after several hot drama has brought considerable membership fee from the current data, the Korean version of" startling step by step "is also likely to become the phenomenon product grade". Youku copyright;相关的主题文章: