Yunnan Millennium Zhuang village look beautiful transmutation by Internet plus promotion of national roxane hayward

Yunnan Millennium Zhuang village look beautiful transmutation by "Internet plus" promotion of national culture in the new network – Ma village of the Zhuang women in spinning. Zhang Cheng pictured on the railing horse village. Zhong Xin photo Beijing, Guangnan, August 25, (Li Xiaolin) to Ma village of winding mountain road bumps, one to the rainy season, the village’s traffic often interrupted. This is located in Guangnan County of Yunnan province Wenshan rabbit Millennium Village Zhuang village village due to traffic inconvenience, original style and cultural landscape is also little known to outsiders. 24, the reporter to follow the "colorful Yunnan national mobile phone media throughout the campaign into the bias in the corner of the village. "There are more than and 130 villagers in the village, all the houses here to Zhuang, railing stilts, some houses have thousands of years of history." Those rabbit township party secretary Lin Mei introduced agricultural village to reporters in the village. Ma Ma village is located in the Bihe side of the hill, Linhe built houses on stilts, folds along the river hill to climb". In the rabbit village, Ma village is the most well preserved village of Zhuang Ganlan style residential preservation. Mei Lin agricultural said, in recent years, the migrant workers increased, road traffic conditions continue to improve, foreign architectural concept, shortage of wood resources and influence, Zhuang Ganlan style residential protection are facing great challenges. In 2014, the local government will fall protection Demonstration Village Ma Village column for traditional villages, and put into special funds and manpower for the tourism development and protection of the village of ma. Relying on the geographical characteristics, the Zhuang Zhuang Ganlan style of traditional ancient village, folk culture and characteristics of agricultural resources, Ma village tourism development has achieved initial success, many tourists come to watch shooting ancient houses, the original experience of farming culture and folk customs of zhuang. Agricultural Mei Lin said firmly, Ma Village 2017 to achieve poverty hat, not only rely on government assistance, but also on the transformation of the concept of self-reliance. The villagers uncle Lu family in the household farming, annual per capita income of about two thousand yuan. There are old people at home, my son was only three years old, so did not go out to work." Compared with other relatively mature Wenshan tourism, Ma Village Rural Tourism road just started. But the majority of residents in the village and uncle Lu, very much hope that some day in the future can become a well-known tourist destination Ma Village, and make great efforts to. "We are very happy to have the foreign tourists in the village." In the face of reporters, uncle Lou some shy. He said, I hope the visitors to learn more about his hometown, the Zhuang culture spread to more and more places to go. In the village, often see the roadside is embroidered woman, the reporter approached and found that they do not understand chinese. "The horse is a village embroidery master." Mei Lin Nong told reporters, the local Zhuang women after it started spinning and embroidery of agricultural. The villagers are wearing their own clothes." Mei Lin agricultural said, from the beginning of dyeing weaving and spinning, embroidery, the Zhuang women, all be nothing difficult. They have learned from the mother or other female elders manual skills, clothing, shoes, aprons, etc. are displayed in the natural stage of the Zhuang women’s embroidery talent. )相关的主题文章: