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Zong Ning: so to make money playing live – broadcast industry, although Sohu technology but in the direction of like a raging fire, profit, or at most, we talk about the most is how to invest, build Redskins or program. But how to make more money, but it is not so easy thing. And because of the huge bandwidth server pressure, a lot of small and medium live in fact, has been on the road to shut down. However, there is a platform to release the results show that the three quarter live income of more than $100 million, he is not a live platform, he is unfamiliar street. Unfamiliar street in the three quarter of the third quarter of 2016 earnings of God, unfamiliar street revenue reached $157 million, an increase of 319%, net profit of $49 million 500 thousand, an increase of 1182%, sustained seven quarter earnings. This is the biggest bright spot is that live income accounted for $108 million 600 thousand, an increase of 88%, paid users reached up to 2 million 600 thousand. This is really difficult to understand, so much to do live, but it is unfamiliar street street, which is probably the entire broadcast industry, there will be a certain role model. Live broadcast is an independent business model, or a better complement to other models? Unfamiliar Street CEO Tang Yan said that in September when the live coverage of 20% of the company’s platform unfamiliar street users, and in June, this figure is only about $13%. Tang Yan believes that unfamiliar street platform users and live mode of mental fit is relatively high, the conversion rate is still room for further growth. I believe in the four quarter, this income will not be a small increase, so, simply put, the broadcast industry fire, but let the social platform unfamiliar street earned money. This is a typical cross robbery, which you can think of, if WeChat and other social platforms began to broadcast business, will bring greater impact to the industry? The advantages of unfamiliar street with the characteristics of live street unfamiliar street as a leading social platform, with two hundred million of the user base, which is a large number of. Unfamiliar street users are relatively young, strangers dating and a variety of local life circle is a favorite social way these young people, and this way in the increase of the live function, began to become stronger and more intuitive. The equivalent of the evolution from the text chat room to the extent of video chat, so users accept the speed is very fast, and soon became a commonly used function. And these users pay consciousness is very good, this is the main reason for the high street live broadcast live. September unfamiliar street platform last month, running more than 30 thousand of the head anchor, revenue accounted for the total revenue of 40%-50%, these people can be seen as a career anchor. The monthly flow of less than 1000 yuan in the anchor is also more than four hundred thousand, the basic purpose of entertainment for the purpose of social amateur anchor. In the case of unfamiliar street platform consumer spending, the monthly cost of more than 5000 of the high paid users accounted for about half, this is a very alarming figure. Because unfamiliar street users more from large cities, so the overall view, the average income of unfamiliar street users are higher than micro-blog, WeChat such a public platform, can be said to be a relatively elite crowd. According to CNNIC data show that unfamiliar street.相关的主题文章: