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Zotye auto Guangzhou Zotye SR7 club Whitewater Village car   it’s the beginning of winter, but Guangzhou’s weather or as spring has not yet subsided, November Guangzhou city weather rain and cloudy, bustling about work life and work rhythm, very quickly, very wanted to go out for a walk, relax mood. Just at the beginning of the month when received the news that SR7 owners in 20 this month, Zengcheng to Whitewater Village driving, so the family at the weekend and the self driving tour. The first to introduce the scenic Whitewater Village Whitewater Village provincial scenic area is located in Zengcheng District in the northern mountainous area of Guangzhou city paitan Town, known as the "Tropic of cancer" jade ", the magnificent scenic Lishangao dense forests, fresh air, abundant rainfall, China created the largest waterfall drop waterfall white daffodils. That magic falls from the top of Whitewater Village waterfalls, beautiful shape, pure white, it is one of the eight incarnation of He Xiangu. From the foot to the top of the hill, built in the Whitewater Village hills Ling line is known as "the South first ladder climbing step size. It across three mountains, connecting two Tianchi, a total length of 6.6 km, a total of 9999 stone steps. Tourists hiking along this road, a station visit fairy waterfall views. Especially to the 2199 Pro waterfall Pavilion is 3299 grade or waterfall Mu Ting, still feel shocked. The waterfall hydrophilic trails leisurely strolling is close to natural, close to the immortal waterfall easier way. 299th the entrance and the hydrophilic trail south first ladder "phase, through waterfalls Taiwan to 1299th levels, a total length of 666 meters, is a natural wood plank. Visitors can walk on, overlooking the white Narcissus waterfall elegant beauty, while walking, as lively notes like a jump at the foot of the water gurgling torrent of ren. Located in the suburbs of Guangzhou Whitewater Village scenic area of Guangzhou city is a national 4A level scenic area, known as the largest waterfall drop Chinese mainland drop 428.5 meters, is the only ship built with wood and hydrophilic plank Guangdong’s longest hiking trail "south first ladder", which is the Pearl River Delta ecological leisure resort of public favor. Adhering to the principle of ecological resources protection and development of the Whitewater Village in 2012, with its own characteristics and social hot spots emerge in an endless stream of festivals makes the mountain tour more Guanbao "funny" experience. For example, "51" holiday held the "zero pollution native delicacy Festival", provides a safe shopping choice for the public, but also local health food scene teaching practice, full interactive. Whitewater Village area of about 170 square kilometers, the Tropic of cancer through them, known as the magnificent jade on the Tropic of cancer, is a mountain scenic area.     November 20th weekend early in the morning came to the 4S shop to shop after the court has a lot of friends waiting for the owners of SR7   in the exhibition hall;   see the current automobile market inside the most concern of the Porsche SR9 could not help but look at     the outside of the staff in the busy installing car travel car, they are also a novice, don’t know how to install, over to ask, will the customer service personnel have been installed to help, but suddenly!相关的主题文章: